Flight Stick Mount - oZone / R3volution

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obutto Flight Stick Mount - oZone / R3volution

Tired of flying your P-51 Mustang through the skies of Europe, or your Airbus A320 into London Heathrow, from your boring desk? The Obutto Gaming Cockpit is perfect for any journey through the sky!

The Obutto oZone Flight Stick Mount Accessory comes with the following:

  • Obutto Flight Stick Mount
  • Flight Sitck Mount Post
  • Necessary nuts and bolts to connect the flight stick to your Obutto frame
  • use heavy duty velcro or heavy duty double sided tape to secure your controllers to the mount
  • Instructions for mounting

Additional Information

  • Works for both Obutto Cockpits, the oZone and the R3Volution
  • Attach your flight controls to the suitable mounts and immerse yourself in the game like never before with a realistic cockpit seating position.
  • General Aviation - our base cockpit provides a height adjustable yoke mount....if your yoke clamps to a desk it will clamp to our cockpit, and the included pedal plate provides a perfect mount for rudder pedals.
  • WWI & WWII - If you prefer flying the old warbids of the past with your stick between your legs, just add our Flight stick/Throttle mount accessory and you will finally have a realistic seating position while combing the skies for bogeys!
  • Fly-by-wire - If you prefer the latest in jet fighters just attach your stick on the right and throttle on the left.......whatever your preference the Obutto can accommodate!
  • The Obutto gaming cockpit delivers much more than just a more immersive flying experience. Do you play first person shooters or RPG's? How about browsing the internet? Email? The Obutto oZone can handle it with its included

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