Standalone Monitor Stand - oZone / R3volution

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obutto Stand-alone Monitor Stand - oZone / R3volution

COMES STANDARD ON THE OBUTTO R3VOLUTION BASE COCKPIT - The Obutto R3Volution's stand alone monitor stand (Compatible with the Obutto R3Volution Triple Monitor Mount - Shown in images above, but NOT included) is now available for anyone looking to have a stand-alone solution to their sim cockpits.

PLEASE NOTE: The Obutto oZone Gaming Cockpit DOES come with a Single Monitor Mount, but it is NOT stand alone.  You can upgrade to this stand if you wish to give yourself some extra adjust-ability!

This stand is also compatible with other cockpits, like Playseat, rSeat, SimSeat, or some custom cockpits.
Stand information:

1. How far away is the monitor?
The monitor stand on the r3volution is free standing so you can position it as close to you as you desire, or as far away.   Also, the main VESA mount is on a fully articulating arm so the user can even pull the monitor even closer without having to move the stand.

2. Is the new VESA monitor stand compatible with the older design cockpit?
Yes, it can be used with the Obutto oZone, or any cockpit, as it is stand-alone.

3. Can the monitor stand hold a 32" TV/monitor?  
Yes it can support the weight, but the VESA bolt pattern on your 32" TV may differ from our pre-drilled bolt patterns on the mount.  It is an easy mod though to make an adaptor plate to bolt to our monitor mount.  Most monitors have the standard VESA bolt patterns 75x75mm, 100x100mm, or 200x100mm.

While the larger TV's usually have larger bolt patterns.  We have some customers mounting 50”+ TV's to their r3v monitor stand, using some flat wall mounts purchased elsewhere.

Triple monitor mount (Optional Accessory)

1. What is the largest size monitors I can fit?
The stand is made for and tested up to 32 inch monitors. These are direct bolt on as long as your VESA bolt pattern is 75mm x 75mm, 100mm x 100mm, or 200mm x 100mm.   If you wanted to use larger monitors it could be done with some modification on the users end, and will definitely restrict the amount of angle you have on the side monitors.   *Please note, if you have larger bezels on your monitors, it may slightly restrict the amount of angle of the side monitors.  Best guess would be any 32" side monitors would still get you a 40deg angle*

2. Are the side monitors angles fully adjustable?
Yes, the r3v triple mount arms are fully articulating so you can have as much or as little angle with the side monitors

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